I highly recommend Elke for your real estate needs. We've worked with dozens of realtors and Elke is easily the best one we've ever worked with. She helped us perform a thorough search of available properties insisted that she take us to every one to make sure we've found the right home. She  anticipated every detail and helped negotiate a good overall deal. With us not physically being in Venice during much of the transaction she volunteered on numerous occasions to help with various tasks. She's a true professional and is extremely caring. I wouldn't use anyone else!

~Toby and Cathy Swick 

I lived in Massachusetts and identified a home in Venice Florida I was interested in purchasing. I didnt have the time to fly to Florida and lose time from work and do all the negotiating and other tasks associated with a new home purchase. I google searched the most reputable, successful real  estate agents with best client reviews in the area and Elke von Oertzen came out way ahead of dozens of other agents as the best choice. You never really know how good an agent really is based on reviews and online resumes until you meet them and you are able to judge their performance for you in person and by results. I wasnt disappointed with my choice, one of the all time best choices of my life, and Elke's performance far exceeded all expectations I had for a real estate agent. I put my complete trust in Elke to perform the purchase negotiations for the new home for me, handle my deposit, find me a trustworthy and reasonable mortgage broker and reasonable financing, connect me with a title company and attorney, bank appraisal, and even a pest inspection, utilizing her vast network of contractor/professional connections. All of these contractors were also exceptional. There was alot of money involved for me to spend to secure this home and financing and I had to trust an agent to handle all of that for me that I had never met. Alot of risk for me and alot could have gone wrong. Everything was perfect. It would have taken me a week away from work to fly to Florida and get all this done. All I had to do was fly down to Florida for two days just to sign the closing documents. Elke had everything else done prior to my arrival. Truly impressive performance and I am forever grateful for her exceptional efforts on my behalf. She picked me up at the hotel and took me on an informative tour of Venice and then to my new home for the walk thru. Real VIP treatment. Elke is committed to getting the best results for her clients whether buying or selling. Elke works deligently for her clients, is an exceptional negotiator, highly professional and knowlegeable about the market,, and always immediately available and responsive to every email, text, or phone call at any hour of the day or night. She is compassionate about her work, and makes you feel more like a friend than a client. If you are looking for an exceptional real estate agent, that you can trust, and get you the best value for youre purchase or sale, you should look no further than Elke. SHE IS A WORLD CLASS AGENT!!

~Jim Cahill 

Simply the best! Elke has helped us for over 10 years with our home purchases and sales. She has a great client base, is very professional and detail oriented. She really knows her craft.

~Joe and Carol Amedio

WE HAVE BOUGHT AND SOLD EIGHT HOMES IN 4 STATES TO LIVE IN OVER THE LAST 45 YEARS, SO WE KNOW REALTORS. We found Elke in Florida who amazed us with her competence as a Realestate Professional. She will quickly understand your needs, work diligently to find a perfect match, suggest a price,  and negotiate a deal better than expected. Being multilingual she can work with most internationals too. Elke is so good in her business you may find her to become a friend just because she is so congenial. If she cannot get you the best deal in town nobody can. Elke has many helpful connections to get super financial arrangements too. Elke sold our home for best price in shortest time, got financing and closed in a real short time.


This is a letter of sincere appreciation and gratefullness for realty agent, Ms. Elke von Oertzen's help, guidance, counsel, and negotiation skills in securing my home on water in Venice, Fl. I had 47 years experience in buying for my use: residential houses, condo, Cape Cod cottage, and Sarasota  home. I found immediately, that Elke von Oertzen was vastly more than a realty agent...far beyond obvious, dedicated mastery of Venice and Sarasota realty details, aspects, systems, market grasp, legal, title, HOA, valuation and renovation, negotiation and contacts to make it happen. That was just to start. Elke has what I call a committed, dedicated mastery impossible to describe except via comparison...if she was a singer, she'd be a Sinatra or Pavorotti...if an artist, she'd be a Picasso...she's that good. In my case, Elke overcame every obstacle possible....arrogant, uncooperative probate attorney/ title agent; lender delays forcing 2 almost 3 contract extensions; and no help from selling agent on vacation for 2 months. Without Elke, the contract would have expired. She's the main reason I now have my beautiful home today. Elke made me promises never heard from other realtors....1. "I'll find you exactly the house you want".....she did...2. Elke promised..."I won't let you make a mistake on a house."...I never heard those agent promises in 47 years dealing with realtors. Elke went beyond promises, and proved it by identifying house flaws, repairs needed, defects seen and unseen in plumbing, kitchen, baths, lighting, attic, landscaping, flooring, wood rot, electronics...and often initiated price reductions i was unaware of....I was amazed. She dismissed some homes...knowing what I wanted:..privacy and quiet...and became more than the best realty agent ever....she became an insurance policy protecting my interests. It goes beyond that...Elke von Oertzen,,,identified and quickly/ verbally...the renovations I could/ should make, placing an accurate estimate on cost and payoff via increased equity and value to my home. In every case, she was right. I purchased under market. She negotiated and defended price reductions for me, counselled on renovation, identified vendors with a big payoff in house future value. Artful, masterful, kind, caring....Elke is both brilliant, and an elegant, beautiful woman. I was not expecting anything more than the typical realty agent. Instead, I accidentally found the Picasso, Maestro of them all, as no one else is even close...having owned her own realty businesses in Germany and USA. After the sale, she followed up/ counselled on renovations and vendors...making every element of Elke's dedicated mastery into ongoing unexpected blessings. I never imagined this. I thank Elke often...occasionally I text her a question...her response almost always...immediate, cordial, helpful, expert. My beautiful house in Venice dreamland, never would have happened w/o Elke von Oertzen. This letter of grateful thanks and admiration is a true account, and hopeful guide to other house buyers and sellers.

~Carl H. Vena, a Director (Ret.) Office Of Inspector General United States Department Of Defense Less  

I was very impressed with Elke's dedication to help me find the home I was looking for. She responded to every text, email, and phone call, and never made me feel she was too busy to get me all the information I wanted in a timely manner. Elke is also a very caring and thoughtful person. It is  difficult these days to find someone with her expertise plus her wonderful personality. I recommend her to anyone I know that is in need of her services. She just listed my friends condo and it sold for the asking price, in just a few weeks in the slow season.  

~Susan Baron

Elke worked with us for over one and one-half years, from beginning interest in the area, to finding the right property. She was always open, helpful, and knowledgeable. She did not hesitate to advise when a property was either worthy of consideration or we should steer clear of it. We were very  happy with her service from beginning to closing. We also recently enlisted her service to sell a property in this area. Again, she provided professional service, and we sold within one month of listing. We highly recommend Elke.

~Johnna Lilich

We worked with Elke to buy our home last May in Englewood. She was fantastic to work with and she definitely goes the and extra mile for her clients. She even drove to Tampa to pick me up at the airport and take me to the builders design center. We would definitely use Elke again. 

~Susan LaBarre 

My husband and I have the highest praise for Elke. We have used her services in both buying and selling. She has expert knowledge of the real estate market and has an energetic and enthusiastic personality. She is a real pleasure to work with. Elke is a true professional, always responding very  quickly to our emails and phone calls. We would never consider using any other realtor in Southwest Florida. 

~Betty Masiello

We live in Europe and were looking for a nice vacation home in the Venice area. We talked to several agents before. Elke truly listened to our needs from the beginning on. With the phone at her ear, she visited houses, sent pictures and gave us her expert opinion. As we also considered building  new, she introduced us to a builder from the area with whom she already had worked together successfully. So finally we decided to buy a lot and build. With her help we found the perfect place. During the building process Elke was – and still is - at our side. She sent pictures of every step and was there to find a solution for every problem that occurred. With her experience and knowledge and her wonderful personality she is a pleasure to work with. She is totally committed to her customers. Living thousands of miles away it was – and again still is – a comforting feeling to know, somebody reliable and trustworthy like Elke is there.

~Birgit L. 

We provided Elke with a challenging home specification, and she found the ideal home for us. She helped negotiate the final price, and she was always there for us during the complete process. Elke shows excellent attention to detail, and was tireless in her follow up on our behalf. She has a  remarkable way of being aggressive, but in a pleasant and positive way to get the best result for us. Actually when the home closing was over, we missed her - but we know she is there to help or advise us if we need it. We have no hesitation in giving Elke our highest recommendation.

~Bruce Harran 

I bought my first house with Elke over the phone because I live in Maryland and I trusted her opinion. I was more than happy to see what I got - a beautiful home! She did an outstanding job and was always here for me to help in any way. She was reachable during the day and also during the night!  After my wonderful experience with her I just bought my second home with Elke and again, she did an amazing job! Thank you very much for your great help, Elke!

~Gerty Wolf 

We were looking to buy vacation rental property which will later become our retirement residence. Elke was always quick to return phone calls and emails, as this was a lengthy home search. She was honest and looked out for our best interests. Elke offered us other resources besides real estate,  helping us locate the services we needed to maintain a rental from another state. She made the home buying process a breeze. We would definitely use Elke again and in fact have kept in contact with her after the sale was finalized. I truly feel that we have a friend in Venice and her name is Elke von Oertzen.

~Lesa and Barry 

Elke's steadfast devotion to her clients is second to none. In negotiations on my behalf, I was 100 per cent satisfied with Elke's effort and skills. She respected my interests almost as if those interests were her own, and enabled me to ultimately secure what I believe was the very best possible  deal at the time of my home purchase in Venice, Florida. She has earned my very highest recommendation as a realtor, a fiduciary of her client's interests and assets, and as a friend.

~Dean Florian

I highly recommend Elke for your real estate needs. We've worked with dozens of realtors and Elke is easily the best one we've ever worked with. She helped us perform a thorough search of available properties insisted that she take us to every one to make sure we've found the right home. She  anticipated every detail and helped negotiate a good overall deal. With us not physically being in Venice during much of the transaction she volunteered on numerous occasions to help with various tasks. She's a true professional and is extremely caring. I wouldn't use anyone else!

~Tom Arnold

I met Ms. Elke von Oertzen almost three years ago. From the moment I talked to her I knew she is extremely courteous and most of all very professional. Over two years ago we bought a house in Venice, and Elke negotiated on our behalf. I was amazed at her professionalism, and charisma in getting the  deal done. She is not pushy and gives the entire story and not scared to hide the bad aspects, unlike some of the realtors I came across, simply in the best interest of her customer. I have never met another real estate agent like Elke. She is extremely helpful, even after the closing and sale. I am extremely fortunate to have met Elke, and if I need another property she would be my first choice of realtor. On a personal note, Elke is extremely kind, generous and always willing to help.

~Dr. Jeg Babu 

Living in New Jersey, it was a leap of faith when we selected Elke to help find us a home in Venice Florida. We could not have been more pleased! She is a tireless worker and will do what it takes to please her clients. We cannot recommend Elke strongly enough.


Elke is by far the best realtor that I have ever worked with! I own numerous homes both in Florida and outside. As I continue to purchase more homes in Sarasota county Elke will be the only realtor I will work with! You will not be disappointed! She will be the best decision you make when choosing  your new home!

~Thomas Biebusch